Unlocking the Magic: How to Fill Soul Gems in Skyrim

Looking to learn how to fill soul gem in Skyrim? Look no further! Our article provides a step-by-step guide to filling soul gems and making the most of your enchanting abilities in the game. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer to the world of Skyrim, our tutorial will have you filling soul gems like a pro in no time. Don’t miss out on the power and potential of your soul gems – read our article now!

The Ultimate Guide to Soul Gem Filling in Skyrim: Unlocking the Secrets of Magical Enchantment

If you’ve played The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you’re probably familiar with soul gems. These magical items are used to capture the souls of defeated creatures, which can then be used to enchant weapons or create powerful potions. However, the process of filling soul gems can be confusing for new players.

Fortunately, filling soul gems is not as complicated as it may seem. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of filling soul gems, from how to obtain them to how to use them in your enchantments.

Whether you’re a new player or a seasoned Skyrim veteran, mastering the art of filling soul gems is an essential part of becoming a powerful mage. So let’s dive in and explore the magic of soul gems!

The Basics of Soul Gems

Soul gems are important items in Skyrim as they allow you to trap the souls of creatures and use the energy to recharge enchanted weapons and staves. Here are some basic things you need to know about soul gems:

  • Soul gems come in different sizes and strengths, from Petty to Grand. The stronger the gem, the more powerful a soul it can trap.
  • You can fill a soul gem by using either the Soul Trap enchantment or the spell of the same name. This will allow you to capture the soul of a defeated enemy within the gem.
  • The filled soul gem can then be used to enchant or recharge enchanted weapons and staves, providing the item with a new lease on life.
  • You can also use filled soul gems to create new enchanted items at the enchanting table, as the quality of the soul used affects the potency of the enchantment.

How to Obtain Soul Gems in Skyrim

One of the most important aspects of enchanting in Skyrim is the use of soul gems. Soul gems allow you to trap the souls of defeated enemies and use them to power magical enchantments on weapons and armor. However, before you can fill a soul gem, you need to obtain one. Here are some ways to get your hands on soul gems:

  • Purchase from vendors: Many vendors throughout Skyrim sell soul gems. Look for general goods stores, court wizards, and mages guilds.
  • Loot from enemies: Some enemies carry filled or unfilled soul gems on them when they are defeated. Make sure to loot their bodies to see if they have any on them.
  • Find them in the world: Soul gems can also be found in various places throughout Skyrim. Keep an eye out for them in dungeons, caves, and other areas.
  • Blacksmiths: Some blacksmiths sell unfilled soul gems. They can also be used to craft jewelry and as ingredients for potions.

Filling Soul Gems: Methods and Techniques

Soul gems are an essential component for magic users in Skyrim. They can be used to trap the souls of defeated creatures, which can then be used to enchant weapons, armor, and other items. However, filling soul gems can be tricky, and using the wrong method or technique can result in an empty gem or even a wasted soul. Here are some methods and techniques to help you fill soul gems efficiently:

Casting Soul Trap Spell

One of the easiest and most common methods of filling soul gems is by casting the Soul Trap spell on a target before defeating it. The spell can be purchased from various magic vendors in Skyrim, or the player can learn it by finding a spell tome. The spell lasts for 60 seconds, so it’s important to defeat the target before the spell runs out. Using a higher-level spell or enchanted weapon can make the process quicker and more efficient.

Using Azura’s Star and The Black Star

Azura’s Star and The Black Star are unique soul gems that can hold unlimited charges. These items can be obtained by completing quests for Azura or Malyn Varen, respectively. The Black Star is particularly useful, as it can hold both black and white souls, while Azura’s Star can only hold white souls. These items are highly sought after by magic users and are considered essential for enchanting.

Using Atronach Forge

The Atronach Forge is a magical forge located in The Midden of the College of Winterhold. To use the forge to fill soul gems, the player must have a filled soul gem, an unenchanted weapon or armor, and the appropriate ingredients (e.g., fire salts to create a fire enchantment). The player then places the items in the designated areas of the forge, and the forge will enchant the weapon or armor using the soul gem and ingredients. This method can be costly and time-consuming but is a great way to fill soul gems and enchant items.

By using these methods and techniques to fill soul gems, magic users in Skyrim can efficiently and effectively enchant their gear and become a formidable force in battle.

What to Do with Full Soul Gems

Enchant Weapons and Apparel

Soul gems that are filled with a soul can be used to enchant weapons and apparel. To do this, you must have an enchanting table and the proper perks. When enchanting, choose the weapon or apparel piece you want to enchant and select the filled soul gem from your inventory. This will imbue the item with a magical effect, such as increased damage or improved regeneration.

Recharge Enchanted Items

If you already have enchanted weapons or apparel, soul gems can be used to recharge them. When a charged enchanted item runs out of magic, it will no longer provide its special effect. To recharge it, simply select the item in your inventory and choose the filled soul gem. This will restore its magic and allow you to continue using it.

Sell to Merchants

If you have a surplus of filled soul gems, you can sell them to merchants for a profit. Some merchants will pay more for larger souls or for souls of certain creatures, such as dragons. Keep in mind that not all merchants will buy soul gems, so it may take some searching to find someone willing to purchase them.

Craft and Sell Spells

Soul gems can also be used to create spells at an arcane enchanter. By combining an empty soul gem with other ingredients, you can create a variety of spells to sell to other mages. While this may not be the most profitable use of soul gems, it can be a fun way to experiment with new spells and earn a little extra gold on the side.

Final Tips and Warnings

If you’re planning on going on a soul gem filling spree, it’s best to stock up on empty soul gems beforehand. This will save you time as you won’t have to constantly stop and acquire more gems. You can find empty soul gems in various places throughout Skyrim or purchase them from merchants.

When using soul trap spells or weapons, be mindful of your surroundings. Accidentally killing a creature that you didn’t intend to fill a gem with can be a waste of a valuable gem. Similarly, if you’re in a group setting, be sure to communicate with your fellow adventurers to avoid accidentally stealing their kills.

It’s important to note that not all creatures have souls that can be trapped. Machines, such as automatons, and the undead are examples of creatures that do not have souls. Additionally, some creatures may only fill certain sizes of gems. For example, a mammoth may only fill a grand soul gem, while a bandit may only fill a lesser soul gem.

Finally, if you’re playing as a vampire, be aware that filling soul gems with the souls of innocent creatures will increase your vampiric powers but also decrease your humanity. This can have negative effects on your interactions with humans and may make certain quests more difficult to complete.

Frequently Asked Question:

What is a soul gem in Skyrim?

A soul gem is an item in the game Skyrim that can be used to trap souls of defeated creatures or NPCs. These souls can then be used for enchanting weapons and armor, or to recharge enchanted items.

Where can I get a soul gem in Skyrim?

Soul gems can be found throughout the game world in various types of containers, such as chests and urns, or they can be purchased from court wizards, general goods merchants, and mages in the game’s cities. They can also be obtained through completing quests.

How do I fill a soul gem in Skyrim?

You can fill a soul gem by using an empty soul gem and casting a spell or using a weapon with the Soul Trap enchantment on a creature or NPC. If the creature or NPC is killed within a certain amount of time, their soul will be trapped in the soul gem.

What is the maximum soul size that can be trapped in a soul gem in Skyrim?

The maximum soul size that can be trapped in a soul gem in Skyrim depends on the size of the soul gem. Petty soul gems can trap the souls of small creatures, while grand soul gems can trap the souls of large creatures and powerful NPCs.

What is the difference between a filled and empty soul gem in Skyrim?

An empty soul gem can be used to trap a soul, while a filled soul gem contains a soul that can be used for enchanting or recharging enchanted items.

Can I use a soul gem multiple times in Skyrim?

No, once a soul gem has been used to enchant an item or recharge an enchanted item, the soul inside it is consumed and the soul gem becomes empty again.

What are some of the best creatures to trap souls from in Skyrim?

Some of the best creatures to trap souls from in Skyrim include mammoths, giants, bears, and trolls, as their souls can be used to enchant and recharge powerful weapons and armor.

Can I fill a soul gem with my own soul in Skyrim?

No, in Skyrim the player character’s soul cannot be trapped in a soul gem, nor can the player use their own soul to enchant or recharge items.

What is the best way to level up my enchanting skill using soul gems in Skyrim?

The best way to level up your enchanting skill using soul gems in Skyrim is by using a low level enchantment on a large number of items, rather than using a high level enchantment on a small number of items. This will allow you to use more soul gems and therefore level up faster.

What happens if I use a soul gem that is too small for the soul I am trying to trap in Skyrim?

If you use a soul gem that is too small for the soul you are trying to trap in Skyrim, the soul gem will break and the soul will be lost. It is important to use the correct size of soul gem for the creature or NPC you are trying to trap.

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