Unleash the Power of the Destiny 2 Stasis Shard: Mastering the Abilities and Effects

If you’re looking for information about the Destiny 2 Stasis Shard, this article is for you. Learn how to obtain the Shard, its uses and abilities, as well as how it can help you in your battles. Get ready to add this new tool to your arsenal and take your Destiny 2 gameplay to the next level!

Maximize Your Potential in Destiny 2 with Stasis Shard: Expert Tips and Techniques for Mastery

Destiny 2 has introduced a new subclass element with the Beyond Light expansion: Stasis. The Stasis Shard is a powerful tool that can be unlocked by completing the Beyond Light campaign. With it, players are able to harness the power of the frozen darkness and unleash a flurry of devastating abilities and effects.

However, mastering the Stasis Shard and its abilities is no easy feat. With a range of different attacks and effects, players must learn how to use them to their advantage while also managing the cooldowns and limitations of each ability.

In this article, we will explore the various abilities and effects of the Destiny 2 Stasis Shard, and provide tips and tricks to help players master its power. Whether you’re a veteran player looking to expand your arsenal or a newcomer eager to try something new, mastering the Stasis Shard is an essential step in becoming a true Destiny 2 legend.

So, grab your Stasis Shard and join us as we explore the frozen frontier of Destiny 2, and unleash the full power of the darkness within.

Discover the Abilities and Effects

Stasis is a powerful elemental ability in Destiny 2 that allows players to harness the power of darkness and freeze their enemies in their tracks. The Stasis Shard is a new addition to the game that offers players even more control over this powerful ability.

With the Stasis Shard, players can unlock new abilities and effects that allow them to freeze, slow, and shatter their enemies in even more dynamic ways. Some of these abilities include Glacial Quake, which allows players to create a massive shockwave that damages and slows enemies, and Shatter Damage, which causes enemies to explode when killed with a Stasis ability.

Additionally, the Stasis Shard allows players to customize their Stasis abilities with new mods, which can increase damage, decrease cooldown times, and much more. These mods can be equipped and swapped out at any time, allowing players to tailor their Stasis abilities to their specific playstyle.

  • Frozen targets can be shattered to deal additional damage to nearby enemies.
  • Slow targets will move and attack at a reduced rate, making them easier targets for follow-up attacks.
  • Shatter Damage can cause enemies to explode, dealing massive area-of-effect damage to surrounding enemies.

Overall, the Stasis Shard is a powerful tool that can vastly enhance the Stasis abilities already available in Destiny 2. With the ability to customize and enhance their Stasis abilities, players can truly unleash the power of the darkness and dominate their enemies in the frozen wastelands of Destiny 2.

Frequently Asked Question:

What is a stasis shard in Destiny 2?

A stasis shard is a powerful artifact that players can acquire in the Beyond Light expansion for Destiny 2. It grants access to the game’s new stasis abilities, which are freezing and slowing powers that can be used against enemies.

How do you get a stasis shard in Destiny 2?

To get a stasis shard in Destiny 2, players must complete the Beyond Light campaign. The shard is awarded as part of the campaign’s story, and can’t be missed. After completing the campaign, players can use the shard to access the new stasis abilities.

What are the stasis abilities in Destiny 2?

The stasis abilities in Destiny 2 include the ability to freeze enemies in place, slow them down, and create icy structures that can be used for cover. There are also various stasis subclass-specific abilities that can be unlocked and customized as players progress through the game.

Are stasis abilities overpowered in Destiny 2?

Some players feel that stasis abilities are overpowered in Destiny 2, as they can be very effective at stopping enemies in their tracks and making them easy to take down. However, Bungie has made adjustments to the abilities based on player feedback, and will continue to monitor their effectiveness going forward.

Can you use stasis abilities in PvP in Destiny 2?

Yes, stasis abilities can be used in PvP in Destiny 2. However, they have been nerfed in PvP to prevent them from being too powerful against other players. Stasis abilities also have longer cooldowns in PvP, making them less spammable than in PvE activities.

What other changes did the Beyond Light expansion bring to Destiny 2?

In addition to introducing the stasis abilities, the Beyond Light expansion also introduced a new enemy faction, the Fallen house of Salvation, as well as a new location, Europa. The expansion also removed much of the older content from the game to make room for new experiences.

How do you level up your stasis subclass in Destiny 2?

To level up your stasis subclass in Destiny 2, you need to use the stasis abilities in combat and complete various objectives related to the subclass. Each completed objective grants progression towards unlocking new subclass abilities and customization options.

Can you use the stasis shard to unlock multiple stasis subclasses in Destiny 2?

No, the stasis shard can only be used to unlock the stasis subclass on one character in Destiny 2. If you want to use stasis on multiple characters, you will need to complete the Beyond Light campaign and acquire additional stasis shards on each character.

What are some tips for using stasis abilities effectively in Destiny 2?

Some tips for using stasis abilities effectively in Destiny 2 include using them to control large groups of enemies, using them to create cover or area denial, and using them in combination with other abilities to create powerful combos. It’s also important to be aware of the stasis abilities’ longer cooldowns in PvP and to use them strategically.

Will there be more additions to stasis in Destiny 2?

Bungie has stated that they plan to continue supporting stasis in Destiny 2 and will be introducing new stasis-related content in the future. This may include new stasis abilities, exotic weapons and armor that interact with stasis, and new stasis-related story content.

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