Tigrex Hunting Guide: Mastering the Art of Defeating the Ferocious Monster in Monster Hunter Rise

If you’re a fan of the Monster Hunter series, then you’ve probably heard of Tigrex – a fierce wyvern known for its tenacity and strength. In the latest installment of the game, Monster Hunter Rise, Tigrex makes a triumphant return to challenge hunters once again. This article delves into everything you need to know about the Tigrex in Monster Hunter Rise, including its moveset, weaknesses, and strategies for taking it down. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or just starting out, this guide will give you the tools you need to face off against this formidable opponent.

Tigrex Hunting Guide: Become a Master Hunter and Conquer the Ferocious Monster in Monster Hunter Rise


Monster Hunter Rise brings back one of the most ferocious and formidable monsters in the series – the Tigrex. Tigrex is a large, bipedal creature with immense strength, speed, and reckless aggression. Taking on Tigrex in Monster Hunter Rise would be no small feat. That is why we have put together this Tigrex hunting guide to help you master the art of defeating the ferocious monster and emerge victorious in battle.

Understanding Tigrex

Tigrex is known for its raw power and frantic moves. It moves at an incredible speed and can crush or knock back hunters with a single blow. Understanding Tigrex’s movement patterns and habits is key to taking it down. Knowing the attack patterns, weak spots, and strategies to deploy can turn the tide of the battle in your favor. This guide will provide you with all the critical information needed to approach the fight confidently and come out with your head held high.

The Art of Hunting Tigrex

Taking on Tigrex in Monster Hunter Rise requires a game plan and a certain skill set. The ferocious monster requires hunters to pay attention to their positioning, keep an eye out for openings, and react quickly to its deadly attacks. This guide will cover everything you need to know about Tigrex, from its weaknesses, attack patterns, weapons, and gear you need to bring to the battle. With the tips and strategies in this guide, you will be able to take down Tigrex like a pro.

Introduction to Tigrex

Tigrex is a ferocious monster known for its incredible strength, speed, and agility. It has been a popular target for hunters in the Monster Hunter series since its introduction in Monster Hunter Freedom 2. Tigrex is a large wyvern that can be found in various habitats, including forests, deserts, and mountains. Its distinctive roar can be heard from miles away, warning hunters of the impending danger.

Tigrex is known for its powerful charge attack, which can quickly close the distance between it and its target. It can also deliver devastating tail swipes and bites, which can easily take down hunters who are not careful. Tigrex is also known for its ability to dig underground and surprise its prey from below.

Despite its intimidating appearance and powerful attacks, Tigrex can be defeated with the right strategy and equipment. Understanding its behavior and weaknesses can make all the difference in a successful hunt.

Preparing for the Hunt

Before embarking on a Tigrex hunt, it is important to properly prepare for the encounter. This means optimally equipping your hunter with the proper gear and items, as well as doing research on the monster’s tendencies and weaknesses.

Gearing Up

When facing Tigrex, it is recommended to bring weapons and armor that have high defense and sharpness values, as Tigrex’s attacks hit hard and can quickly dull a blade. Additionally, weapons with high mobility and the ability to deal stun damage can be effective in keeping Tigrex at bay.

Items to Bring

It is important to have a well-stocked inventory before facing Tigrex. Items such as Mega Potions, Max Potions, and Antidotes can be vital in keeping your hunter alive and healthy during the battle. Additionally, traps and bombs can be used to deal significant damage to Tigrex and potentially immobilize it.

Researching Tigrex

Before facing Tigrex, it is important to research its weaknesses and tendencies. Tigrex is weak to Thunder and Dragon elements, and its head and hind legs are particularly susceptible to damage. Additionally, Tigrex is known for its powerful charging attacks, so being prepared to dodge or block these attacks is crucial to surviving the battle.

Combat Techniques for Tigrex

Tigrex is a ferocious beast that requires a careful approach to combat. To defeat it, you must master the following techniques:

  • Dodging: Tigrex is incredibly fast and powerful, so it’s important to be able to dodge its attacks. Roll or evade to the side to avoid its charges and tail whips.
  • Blocking: If you’re unable to dodge, block Tigrex’s attacks with your shield. You’ll still take some damage, but it’s better than being knocked down by its brute force.
  • Mounted Attacks: You can mount Tigrex by attacking it from above using aerial attacks. Once mounted, attack its head to deal massive damage.
  • Status Effects: Use weapons that cause status effects, such as poison or paralysis, to slow Tigrex down and make it vulnerable to attacks.
  • Exploiting Weak Points: Tigrex’s head and tail are its weak points. Focus your attacks on these areas to deal the most damage possible.

By mastering these combat techniques, you’ll be able to take down Tigrex with ease. Remember to stay alert, keep on the move, and use your weapon’s unique abilities to your advantage.

Effective Weapons and Armor

As you prepare for your Tigrex hunt, it’s important to consider the weapons and armor that will give you the best chance of success. The Tigrex is a tough monster with a lot of health, so you’ll need to bring powerful weapons that can deal a lot of damage quickly.

Some of the most effective weapon types against the Tigrex include the Great Sword, Hammer, and Charge Blade. These weapons can deal massive damage and stagger the Tigrex, limiting its ability to attack you.

When it comes to armor, you’ll want to prioritize defense and resistance to the Tigrex’s attacks. Armor sets like the Rathalos or Diablos sets can give you the extra protection you need to withstand the Tigrex’s powerful attacks.

You can also consider using decorations and charms to boost your armor’s stats and give you additional skills that can help in battle. Look for decorations that boost your attack, defense, or elemental resistance, and consider using charms that give you skills like Health Boost or Evade Window.

  • Great Sword
  • Hammer
  • Charge Blade
  1. Rathalos armor set
  2. Diablos armor set
Decoration Effect
Attack Jewel Boosts attack power
Defense Jewel Boosts defense
Fire Resistance Jewel Boosts fire resistance

Victory over Tigrex

Defeating Tigrex in Monster Hunter Rise can be a challenge even for experienced hunters. However, with the right strategies, mastering the art of defeating this ferocious monster is possible.

Know Tigrex’s Weaknesses

Tigrex has two main weaknesses; its head and its front claws. Aim for these areas to deal significant damage. Additionally, Tigrex is weak to thunder, so use thunder-based weapons or elemental damage to increase your overall damage output.

Observe Tigrex’s Behavior

Observe Tigrex’s movements carefully to predict its attacks and plan your counterattack. Tigrex’s signature move is a powerful charge, capable of knocking hunters down in a single hit. Avoid this attack by rolling or using a well-timed guard.

Use Traps and Bombs

Setting traps and using bombs can deal a significant amount of damage to Tigrex. Try to lure Tigrex into a trap and prepare for a massive damage output with a well-timed bomb detonation.

Coordinate with Your Hunting Party

Coordinating with your hunting party is essential when taking on Tigrex. Assign roles and work together to maximize your chances of victory. Having a variety of weapons and skills can also help you overcome Tigrex’s multiple attack strategies.

Be Patient and Keep Practicing

Be patient and keep practicing when fighting Tigrex. Each encounter will teach you new strategies and ways to counter its attacks. With enough practice, you’ll eventually master Tigrex and become a true hunter.

Frequently Asked Question:

What is Tigrex monster in Monster Hunter Rise?

Tigrex is a large, aggressive, and powerful monster that appears in Monster Hunter Rise. It is known for its ability to run very fast and charge at its targets with a great deal of force.

What are the weaknesses of Tigrex?

Tigrex is weak against ice and thunder elements, and its weakest points are its head and tail. Using weapons with those elements and targeting those areas can deal extra damage.

What is the best strategy for defeating Tigrex?

The best strategy for defeating Tigrex is to dodge its attacks and wait for openings to strike. Some hunters also recommend using traps and bombs to immobilize it and deal extra damage.

What are some recommended weapons for fighting Tigrex?

Weapons with high damage and mobility are recommended, such as dual blades, longswords, hammers, and switch axes. Gunlances and heavy bowguns can also be effective for ranged attacks.

What are some of the rewards for defeating Tigrex?

Defeating Tigrex can yield many rewards, including its head, tail, and claw, which can be used to craft powerful weapons and armor. You may also receive special items and materials for completing the hunt.

How does Tigrex compare to other monsters in Monster Hunter Rise?

Tigrex is considered to be one of the tougher monsters in the game, due to its speed, power, and unpredictability. However, it also provides a great challenge and can be very rewarding to defeat.

Are there any special tactics or strategies for hunting Tigrex in groups?

When hunting Tigrex in groups, it’s important to communicate and coordinate your attacks. Using traps and bombs can be especially effective, and having one or more players focus on distracting Tigrex while others attack can be helpful.

What are some important skills or abilities to have when fighting Tigrex?

Skills that improve mobility and evasion, such as evade window and evade extender, can be very helpful when fighting Tigrex. Additionally, skills that increase attack power or elemental damage can help deal more damage to it.

How much health does Tigrex have?

Tigrex can have varying amounts of health depending on the difficulty level of the hunt. However, it is generally considered to have a high amount of health and can take some time to defeat.

What are some of the unique features or attacks of Tigrex?

Tigrex is known for its ability to run very fast, charge at its targets with great force, and spin around to attack with its tail. It can also emit a loud roar that can stun or stagger hunters, leaving them vulnerable to attacks.

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