The Ultimate Nioh 2 Starting Build Guide: Build Your Character for Success

Discover the ultimate starting build for Nioh 2 with our comprehensive guide. Unleash your inner Samurai and dominate Yokai with a perfectly crafted build that suits your playstyle. Explore the best weapons, armor sets, and skills to create the unbeatable warrior and conquer the world of Nioh 2. Don’t waste any more time struggling with your existing build, upgrade now, and experience the game like never before!

Unlock Your Winning Potential with The Ultimate Nioh 2 Starting Build Guide.

With the release of Nioh 2, gamers have been eagerly diving into the game’s rich worlds and intense combat. However, mastering the game’s mechanics and building a powerful character can be a daunting task, especially for new players. That’s where this guide comes in.

Whether you are struggling to survive the early stages or aiming to take on the game’s toughest challenges, a good starting build can make all the difference. This guide will walk you through the essential steps of creating a powerful Nioh 2 character, from selecting weapons and skills to managing your stats and gear.

Our goal is to help you build a character that is flexible, powerful, and tailored to your playstyle. Whether you prefer to sneak around, attack head-on, or mix things up on the fly, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s dive in and build the ultimate Nioh 2 character!

Choosing Your Starting Weapon


Choosing the right weapon from the start is essential to succeeding in the game. Each weapon has its unique characteristics, combos, and stances, making it critical to pick one that suits your playstyle. Here are some things you should consider when choosing your starting weapon.

The Weapon Types

There are seven different weapon types in Nioh 2, each with unique advantages and disadvantages. These weapons are Sword, Dual Swords, Spear, Axe, Kusarigama, Odachi, and Tonfa. It’s essential to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon before deciding which one to use.

Your Playstyle

Your playstyle is a crucial factor in deciding which weapon to choose. If you prefer to dodge and weave, then dual swords or tonfa may be a better choice. On the other hand, if you like a slower but harder-hitting approach, then an axe or odachi would be the way to go.

The Skills

Each weapon has a unique set of skills associated with it, which can be unlocked as you use the weapon. These skills can significantly impact your gameplay, so it’s worth taking them into account when picking your weapon.


In conclusion, choosing the right weapon from the start can make all the difference in Nioh 2. Take into account the weapon types, your playstyle, and the associated skills to find the weapon that suits you best. Remember, there’s no right or wrong weapon—choose the one that feels the most natural to you.

Understanding character attributes and stats


In Nioh 2, attributes refer to your character’s natural abilities and are represented by six different categories: Strength, Constitution, Stamina, Heart, Skill, and Dexterity. Strengthening these attributes will directly affect your character’s abilities in combat and overall performance in the game.

Strength affects your character’s physical damage output, while Constitution determines your character’s maximum health. Stamina affects your character’s maximum ki, which is crucial for blocking, dodging, and attacking in combat. Heart affects your character’s Ki Pulse recovery speed as well as the effectiveness of certain weapons and guardian spirits. Skill affects your character’s damage output with ranged weapons and also impacts some Ninja skills. Dexterity affects your character’s damage output with ninjutsu and also impacts some Onmyo magic skills.


Stats, on the other hand, refer to your character’s learned abilities and are boosted through leveling up with Amrita. These consist of four different categories: Strength, Skill, Magic, and Spirit. Each of these stats determines the proficiency in certain weapons and guardian spirits.

Strength and Skill affect your proficiency in melee weapons, Magic affects your proficiency in Onmyo magic, and Spirit affects your proficiency with Guardian spirits.

Choosing the Right Balance

Understanding your character’s attributes and stats is crucial for creating a starting build that suits your playstyle. Depending on how you like to approach combat, focus on strengthening the attributes that will enhance your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses.

For instance, if you’re an aggressive player who likes to rely on high damage output with melee weapons, building up your Strength and Skill attributes would be ideal. On the other hand, if you prefer a more tactical approach, focusing on your Dexterity and Magic stats will allow you to rely on ninjutsu and Onmyo magic to dispatch enemies from afar.

Navigating the skill trees: ninjutsu, magic, and samurai

One of the most important factors in creating a successful build in Nioh 2 is navigating the skill trees of your chosen weapon and magic/ninjutsu. With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming at first, but with a little guidance, you can create a powerful, well-rounded character that can handle any challenge the game throws your way.


Ninjutsu is all about stealth, deception, and agility. The skill tree is divided into three branches: Shuriken and Kunai, Ninjutsu Magic, and Stealth. Shuriken and Kunai are powerful ranged weapons that allow you to attack from a distance. Ninjutsu Magic focuses on using various magical techniques to disable enemies and manipulate the battlefield. The Stealth branch is all about increasing your agility, allowing you to move quickly and silently through dangerous areas.


Unlike ninjutsu, magic is all about raw power. There are two magic trees in Nioh 2: Onmyo Magic and Omnyo Magic: Dark. Onmyo Magic focuses on elemental attacks and defensive spells, while Omnyo Magic: Dark is all about debuffs and inflicting status ailments on your enemies. With magic, you can deal damage from a safe distance or even heal yourself or your teammates when needed.


The Samurai skill tree is all about honing your combat skills. There are nine weapon categories to choose from, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. The skill tree allows you to master your chosen weapon, unlocking devastating attacks and powerful combos. You can also learn skills that improve your mobility and defense, allowing you to take on even the toughest enemies with ease.

  • Remember, it’s important to balance your skill points between ninjutsu, magic, and samurai. Don’t neglect any one tree too much, or you may find yourself struggling in certain situations.
  • Experiment with different weapon types and magic/ninjutsu techniques to find the playstyle that works best for you.
  • Finally, keep in mind that you can always respec your character if you find yourself unhappy with your build. Don’t be afraid to make changes as you progress through the game.

Crafting your build: finding the right armor and equipment

Once you’ve chosen a weapon and skill tree to focus on, it’s time to start building your character’s armor and equipment setup. This can make a huge difference in terms of your character’s survivability and damage output, so it’s important to take the time to find the right gear for your playstyle.


When it comes to armor, there are a few different factors to consider. First, you’ll want to make sure that your armor is providing you with the right kinds of bonuses. Different armor sets will offer different bonuses to things like health, stamina, and damage, so it’s important to find sets that complement your chosen weapon and playstyle.

Additionally, you’ll want to pay attention to the weight of your armor. Heavier armor will offer more protection, but it will also slow you down and consume more stamina. Lighter armor, on the other hand, will allow you to move more quickly and dodge more easily, but it won’t offer as much protection.


Along with your armor, you’ll also want to focus on finding the right equipment. This includes things like accessories, ranged weapons, and consumables like bombs and elixirs.

As with armor, you’ll want to make sure that your equipment is providing you with useful bonuses. Accessories can offer bonuses to things like damage, health, and stamina, while ranged weapons can be used to take out enemies from a distance. And don’t underestimate the usefulness of consumables – they can often make the difference between success and failure in tough battles.

All in all, finding the right armor and equipment is all about experimenting with different combinations and finding what works best for you. Don’t be afraid to try out new sets and combinations – you might just stumble upon the perfect build for your playstyle.

Tips and tricks for a successful playthrough

Master your weapon

Nioh 2 offers a wide variety of weapons to choose from, each with its own unique playstyle and moveset. Take the time to master the weapon of your choice and learn its strengths and weaknesses. Experiment with different weapon combinations and find the one that works best for your playstyle.

Don’t overlook your skills

In addition to weapon mastery, Nioh 2 offers a deep skill tree that allows you to customize your character’s abilities to your liking. Make sure to invest in skills that complement your weapon of choice and your preferred playstyle.

Don’t underestimate the power of Yokai abilities

Yokai abilities are powerful attacks and buffs that can be unlocked by defeating certain Yokai enemies and acquiring their Soul Cores. These abilities can turn the tide of battle in your favor, so make sure to experiment with different Soul Cores and find the ones that best suit your playstyle.

Manage your Ki effectively

Ki is a crucial resource in Nioh 2 that governs your stamina, allowing you to perform attacks, evasions, and dodges. Make sure to manage your Ki effectively and avoid running out in the middle of a fight. Stance switching and dodging can help you conserve Ki.

Don’t be afraid to retreat and regroup

Sometimes, the best strategy is to retreat and regroup rather than trying to brute force your way through a tough fight. Take advantage of the game’s checkpoint system and retreat if you need to heal up or replenish your resources. Don’t be afraid to come back stronger and better prepared.

Pay attention to your equipment and stats

Nioh 2 features a deep equipment and stats system that allows you to fine-tune your character’s abilities and resistances. Make sure to pay attention to your equipment’s stats and bonuses and upgrade it as needed. Additionally, invest in stats that complement your playstyle and the weapons and armor you’re using.

Learn from your mistakes

Nioh 2 is a tough game, and you’re likely to die many times before you reach the end. Don’t get discouraged by failure; instead, use it as an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and improve your play. Pay attention to what went wrong in previous fights or areas, and adjust your strategy accordingly. With practice, you’ll become a master of the game’s mechanics and challenges.

Frequently Asked Question:

What is a good starting build for a new Nioh 2 player?

It depends on your playing style and preference. However, a balanced build featuring strength, skill, and stamina is a good starting point.

What weapons are recommended for a new player?

Katana and Dual Swords are viable options for a new player. Both weapons have good damage output and decent range.

What stats should I prioritize when building my character?

It depends on your playstyle, but generally, strength, skill, and stamina should be prioritized for a balanced build. If you prefer magic or ninjutsu, then dexterity and magic should be prioritized.

How important is armor in Nioh 2?

Armor is essential in Nioh 2 as it provides damage reduction and perks and set bonuses that can enhance your playstyle. It is recommended to have a full set of armor that complements your chosen playstyle.

What Guardian Spirits are recommended for a new player?

Kato and Ame-no-Mitori are popular choices for new players. Both offer stat bonuses that are useful for any build, and their spirit abilities are relatively easy to use.

Is it better to focus on one weapon or to use multiple weapons in Nioh 2?

It depends on your playstyle and preference. Focusing on one weapon can allow you to maximize its potential, while using multiple weapons can provide variety and versatility in combat. Ultimately, it’s up to the player to decide which approach suits them best.

What armor set bonuses should I look for?

It depends on your playstyle and preferred weapon, but the Master Swordsman, Warrior of the East, and Red Demon armor sets are popular choices for their bonuses that enhance damage, defense, and mobility.

How important is parrying in Nioh 2?

Parrying can be useful in Nioh 2, as it can disarm enemies and leave them vulnerable to attack. However, it also requires precise timing and can be risky if mistimed. It’s a useful skill to have, but not essential to the game.

Which Yokai abilities are recommended for a new player?

Guardian Spirit Talisman and Yokai Shift are popular Yokai abilities for new players. Both can provide extra damage and defense during combat, making them helpful for surviving tough encounters.

How important is Ki management in Nioh 2?

Ki management is a crucial aspect of combat in Nioh 2. Properly managing your Ki can allow you to perform more attacks, dodge and block more effectively, and avoid getting staggered by enemy attacks. It’s recommended to practice Ki management early on in the game, as it becomes more essential as you progress.

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