Kick Out Those Pesky Villagers: Tips for Removing Unwanted Neighbors in Animal Crossing

Looking to declutter your Animal Crossing island? Learn how to say goodbye to unwanted villagers with our guide on how to get rid of them for good. Say goodbye to annoying neighbors and hello to a more peaceful island life.

Eliminate Annoying Neighbors in Animal Crossing: Effective Tips and Tricks

Animal Crossing may be a laid back game with a focus on community-building, but sometimes the villagers that move into your town just don’t vibe with you and your playstyle. Maybe they keep giving you terrible gifts or won’t stop talking about bugs and fish, or maybe you just don’t like their design or personality.

Unfortunately, once a villager moves in, they can be difficult to get rid of. But fear not – there are ways to kick out unwanted neighbors and make space for someone who better fits your ideal community. Here are some tips for removing villagers from your Animal Crossing town.

  • Ignoring Them: One method to get a villager to leave is to ignore them completely. Don’t interact with them, don’t talk to them, and don’t respond to any requests they might make. Eventually, they may start feeling unwanted and decide to leave on their own.
  • Being Mean to Them: If you can’t bring yourself to ignore a villager, you can also try being downright mean to them. Hit them with a net, push them, or talk to them in a rude tone. This can decrease your friendship points with them and increase the likelihood that they’ll pack their bags and move out.
  • Using Amiibo Cards: If you have any Animal Crossing Amiibo cards, you can use them to summon specific villagers to your town. Once you have their card, go to the Town Hall and select the option “Invite Amiibo Camper”. Then, scan the card and complete the mini-game to convince the villager to move in. This is a great option if there’s a specific villager you’re hoping to add to your town, but it also means you’ll have to make room by kicking out another villager you don’t want.

Using these strategies, you’ll be able to thin out the herd and create your dream Animal Crossing community. Good luck, and happy hunting!

Tips for Removing Unwanted Neighbors in Animal Crossing

1. Talk to Isabelle

If you are having problems with a neighbor, the first thing to do is talk to Isabelle at Resident Services. She can help you with a variety of issues, including how to remove unwanted neighbors. Just be aware that she cannot remove neighbors immediately and it may take a few days for the process to be completed.

2. Make Them Unhappy

If you really want to get rid of a neighbor quickly, you can try to make them as unhappy as possible. Avoid talking to them, don’t complete their requests, and don’t send them gifts. Eventually, they will become unhappy and may ask to leave your island.

3. Use Amiibo Cards

If you have Amiibo cards for Animal Crossing, you can use them to replace unwanted neighbors. Simply scan the card at Resident Services and the neighbor will be replaced with the Amiibo character.

4. Time Travel

If you don’t have Amiibo cards and don’t want to wait for Isabelle to remove the neighbor, you can try time traveling. By changing the date on your console, you can move time forward several days and the neighbor may ask to leave during that time.

5. Use a Villager Trading Platform

There are many websites dedicated to trading villagers in Animal Crossing. If you really want to get rid of a neighbor, you can trade them with another player for a neighbor that you want. Just be careful when trading, as some players may try to scam you.

Frequently Asked Question:

What is Animal Crossing?

Animal Crossing is a social simulation video game series developed and published by Nintendo.

What are villagers in Animal Crossing?

Villagers are animal characters who live in the player’s town in the game. They provide company and interact with the player.

How do players get rid of villagers in Animal Crossing?

Players can ask villagers to move out by talking to them multiple times until the option becomes available. They can also use amiibo cards to invite new villagers and replace existing ones.

Can players force villagers to move out in Animal Crossing?

No, players cannot force villagers to move out. It is up to the villager whether they want to stay or move out.

What happens when a villager moves out in Animal Crossing?

When a villager moves out, their house disappears and a new plot of land becomes available for a new villager to move in.

Can players choose which villager to kick out in Animal Crossing?

Players cannot choose which villager to kick out. It is random which villager will ask to move out next, unless the player uses amiibo cards to invite new villagers and replace existing ones.

What are the consequences of kicking out a villager in Animal Crossing?

Kicking out a villager may result in the player losing some of the items and furniture the villager has given them. It may also affect the relationship with other villagers in the town.

How many villagers can players have in Animal Crossing?

Players can have up to 10 villagers in their town at a time. This includes the player character.

Can players invite specific villagers to move into their town in Animal Crossing?

Players can use amiibo cards to invite specific villagers to move into their town in Animal Crossing. However, they can only invite villagers that have been released as amiibo cards.

Is it possible to play Animal Crossing without any villagers in the town?

No, it is not possible to play Animal Crossing without any villagers in the town. Villagers provide company and interactions that are central to the game’s experience.

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