Exploring the Preston Affinity System in Fallout 4: How to Build Strong Relationships with this Companion

In Fallout 4, building relationships with NPCs is fundamental to achieving success in the wasteland. Preston Garvey is one of the companions that players can acquire, and his affinity affects how he interacts with the Sole Survivor. This article explores Preston Garvey’s affinity mechanics in Fallout 4, including what influences it, how to increase it, and what benefits it can provide. Learn how to earn Preston’s trust and unlock his full potential in your Fallout 4 playthrough.

The Ultimate Guide to Building Strong Relationships with the Preston Affinity System in Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is a complex and immersive game that offers players a wide range of companions to help them navigate the harsh wasteland. One of the most interesting and useful companions in the game is Preston Garvey, the leader of the Commonwealth Minutemen.

Preston is a versatile companion who can take on a wide range of roles depending on the player’s needs. He is a skilled fighter who can hold his own in tough battles, and he is also an expert in settlement building, making him the perfect companion for players who are looking to establish their own communities in the wasteland.

However, building a strong relationship with Preston can be a challenging task. Like all other companions in the game, Preston has an affinity system that measures how much he likes and trusts the player. In this article, we will explore the Preston affinity system in detail and provide some tips on how players can build strong relationships with this companion.


Fallout 4 is an open-world game that offers a vast range of options to players, including a variety of companions. One of these companions is Preston Garvey, the leader of the Commonwealth Minutemen. He is a highly skilled combatant, but also has leadership qualities that can be beneficial for players looking to advance in the game.

The Preston Affinity System is a way for players to build a relationship with Preston, gaining his trust and unlocking unique dialogue and quests. This system is based on the actions and decisions of the player and can lead to different outcomes.

With this guide, we will explore how to build a strong relationship with Preston, including tips on how to maintain his trust and how to complete quests that will improve your relationship. We will also go over the benefits of having a good relationship with Preston and how it can affect your gameplay.

Understanding the Preston Affinity System

The Preston Affinity System is a unique relationship-based mechanic within Fallout 4 that allows players to build stronger relationships with the companion character, Preston Garvey.

The system is based on the player character’s actions and choices, with certain actions increasing or decreasing affinity levels with Preston. These actions can include completing quests, helping settlers in settlements, and showing kindness or cruelty towards NPCs.

Preston’s affinity level can range from “Hated” to “Idolized,” with benefits and drawbacks for each level. For example, at higher levels of affinity, Preston may offer the player special perks or bonuses, while at lower levels, he may refuse to accompany the player on quests or even become hostile towards them.

Understanding and managing the Preston Affinity System can be crucial for players who want to build a strong relationship with this companion and unlock all of his potential benefits.

Tips for Building Strong Relationships with Preston

If you want to build strong relationships with Preston in Fallout 4, there are a few tips you should keep in mind:

  • Complete quests together: One of the best ways to build affinity with Preston is to complete quests with him. Look for opportunities to take on missions together and work towards a common goal.
  • Be kind to others: Preston values compassion, kindness, and a desire to help others. If you want to earn his trust and respect, try to be helpful and supportive to NPC’s throughout the game.
  • Show leadership: As the leader of the Minutemen, Preston values strong leadership skills. Be proactive, take charge, and make decisions that reflect a commitment to building a better world in the game.
  • Avoid negative actions: Like most companions in Fallout 4, Preston dislikes negative actions like stealing, killing innocent people, or using drugs. Try to avoid these behaviors if you want to build strong relationships with him.
  • Give gifts: Like most companions, Preston enjoys receiving gifts. Consider giving him ammo, weapons, or other useful items as a way to build affinity and show that you care.

By following these tips, you can build strong relationships with Preston in Fallout 4 and unlock new dialogue options, perks, and other rewards.

Mistakes to Avoid While Building Relationships with Preston

Building relationships with companions in Fallout 4 is crucial for players who want to make the most out of their time in the game. However, there are a few mistakes that players should avoid when trying to improve their relationship with Preston Garvey. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Ignoring or refusing to help settlements: One of Preston’s primary goals is to help and protect the Commonwealth settlements. Ignoring or refusing to help settlements can lead to a decrease in Preston’s affinity towards the player character.
  • Killing innocent people: Preston is a man of principles and strongly dislikes senseless violence. Therefore, killing innocent people can lead to a decrease in his affinity towards the player.
  • Stealing or looting: Stealing or looting in front of Preston can lead to a decrease in his affinity. He does not condone thievery or taking what does not belong to the player.
  • Being too selfish: Preston is attracted to players who have a strong sense of morality and selflessness towards the Commonwealth. Being too selfish or focusing only on one’s own interests can lead to a decrease in his affinity.
  • Disrespecting him or other companions: Preston values respect and kindness, therefore, being disrespectful towards him or other companions can damage the player’s relationship with him.

Avoiding these mistakes can help players build a strong relationship with Preston Garvey and unlock his full potential as a companion in Fallout 4.

Earning Preston’s Approval: Levels of Affinity

Preston Garvey, a former member of the Minutemen and a potential companion in Fallout 4, is a character with whom you can build strong relationships by earning his approval. Like other companions in the game, Preston has different levels of affinity that reflect his feelings towards your character. Here are the different levels of affinity you can reach with Preston:

  • Hated: Preston will not travel with you if your affinity level reaches this point. He dislikes selfish and violent actions, such as pickpocketing and murder.
  • Hostile: Preston will attack you if your affinity level reaches this point.
  • Caution: Preston is wary of your actions and can become hostile if you do something he strongly dislikes.
  • Neutral: Preston will follow you but he does not have any opinion about your actions.
  • Friendly: Preston sees you as a good person and approves of actions that help others and the Minutemen faction.
  • Helpful: Preston respects and admires you. He may offer you quests, and his combat skills improve when he fights alongside you.
  • Idolized: Preston considers you a hero and leader of the Minutemen. He will give you his unique perk, United We Stand, which grants bonus damage resistance and melee damage to you and your companions.

To build affinity with Preston, you need to do actions that align with his moral compass, such as helping settlements and defending innocent people. You can also give him items he likes, such as weapons and apparel that match the Minutemen aesthetic. On the other hand, you should avoid doing things that Preston dislikes, such as stealing, harming civilians, and siding with factions that are hostile to the Minutemen.

By building a strong relationship with Preston, you can have access to his unique perk and a loyal companion who will fight by your side. Just remember that gaining affinity takes time and effort, and you need to make sure that your character’s actions align with Preston’s character and beliefs.


Building strong relationships with companions in Fallout 4 can greatly enhance gameplay, and the Preston Affinity System is no exception. By completing quests, exhibiting behaviors that align with Preston’s beliefs, and gifting him with items he likes, players can increase their affinity with him and unlock powerful perks.

It’s important to note that not all companions will get along with each other, and certain actions may cause a decrease in affinity. Therefore, it’s necessary to choose the right companion for each mission and to understand their individual likes and dislikes.

Ultimately, building a relationship with Preston or any other companion is a rewarding experience that adds depth to the Fallout 4 world. By taking the time to understand and connect with these characters, players can create an immersive gameplay experience that goes beyond mere survival in the wasteland.

Frequently Asked Question:

What is Preston’s affinity in Fallout 4?

Preston’s affinity is a measure of how much he likes you and approves of your actions in the game.

How do I increase Preston’s affinity?

You can increase Preston’s affinity by completing quests with him, helping settlements, being a good person, and giving him items that he likes.

What items does Preston like in Fallout 4?

Preston likes weapons, armor, and food items. He also likes items that are related to helping settlements, such as construction materials and fertilizer.

What happens when you reach maximum affinity with Preston?

When you reach maximum affinity with Preston, you will unlock his companion perk, “United We Stand”, which grants you additional damage resistance and damage output when fighting multiple enemies.

Can Preston be romanced in Fallout 4?

No, Preston cannot be romanced in Fallout 4.

Is Preston a good companion to have in Fallout 4?

Preston is a good companion to have in Fallout 4 if you are interested in helping settlements and completing quests related to the Minutemen faction. However, his constant requests to help settlements can become repetitive.

What are some of Preston’s personal quests in Fallout 4?

Some of Preston’s personal quests include “Taking Independence”, “Old Guns”, and “The First Step”. These quests are related to helping the Minutemen rebuild their organization and defend settlements from raiders.

Can Preston die in Fallout 4?

Yes, Preston can die in Fallout 4 if he takes too much damage in combat. However, he cannot be killed during his personal quests.

What is the best way to level up Preston’s affinity quickly in Fallout 4?

The best way to level up Preston’s affinity quickly is to complete quests with him and give him items that he likes, such as weapons and armor. You can also rest and wait to reset his affinity gain cooldown.

What is Preston’s backstory in Fallout 4?

Preston is a member of the Minutemen faction, a group dedicated to helping settlements and protecting the people of the Commonwealth. He became the leader of the faction after the previous leader was killed and has been working to rebuild the organization ever since.

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