Breeding Fossil Pokemon: Is It Possible?

In this article, we explore the question of whether it’s possible to breed fossil Pokemon. From examining the scientific theory behind fossilization to analyzing the game mechanics of Pokemon breeding, we delve into the feasibility of breeding prehistoric creatures to create brand new Pokemon offspring. Discover the truth behind the mystery of breeding fossil Pokemon in this in-depth exploration.

Uncovering the Possibility of Breeding Fossil Pokemon: A Definitive Guide

Pokemon fans have long been fascinated by the mysterious and ancient creatures known as fossil Pokemon. These unique monsters, which are typically based on prehistoric animals, have been a part of the franchise since the very beginning. From the classic Kabuto and Omanyte to newer additions like Tyrantrum and Dracozolt, fossil Pokemon have always been a popular part of the games, anime, and merchandise.

However, one question that has always lingered among fans is whether or not it is possible to breed fossil Pokemon. Could a player potentially hatch a new fossil Pokemon egg, rather than having to restore a fossil in the lab? This question has been the subject of much debate and speculation over the years, and there are a variety of opinions on the matter.

In this article, we will explore the arguments for and against the possibility of breeding fossil Pokemon. We will examine the game mechanics and lore surrounding fossil Pokemon, take a look at previous attempts to breed them, and discuss the various theories put forth by the Pokemon community. Whether you’re a seasoned Pokemon breeder or a casual fan, this article is sure to shed some light on this intriguing topic!

What are Fossil Pokemon?

Fossil Pokemon are prehistoric creatures that lived millions of years ago, and have been brought back to life through the process of genetic reconstruction. These Pokemon are usually discovered in rocks or mines, and can be revived by scientists using a special machine called a Fossil Restorer.

There are many different types of Fossil Pokemon, each with its own unique abilities and traits. Some of the most well-known Fossil Pokemon include the Tyrannosaurus rex-inspired Tyrantrum, the pterodactyl-like Archeops, and the vicious shark-like Jaw Fossil Pokemon, Sharpedo.

While Fossil Pokemon may be ancient in origin, they are still just as formidable as their modern counterparts. With their powerful attacks and impressive abilities, Fossil Pokemon are a force to be reckoned with in battles. And with new fossil discoveries being made all the time, there’s no telling what kinds of fascinating new Fossil Pokemon may be waiting to be discovered.

Can You Breed Fossil Pokemon?

Breeding is a way to create new Pokemon by producing offspring from two compatible parents. However, breeding fossil Pokemon is a bit complicated since they are extinct Pokemon that have been revived from ancient DNA. So, is it possible to breed fossil Pokemon?

The answer is no. Fossil Pokemon cannot be bred in the traditional sense as they are genderless and cannot produce offspring. Fossil Pokemon, such as Aerodactyl, Kabuto, Omanyte, and others, can only be obtained through revival using a fossilized remains found in the games or from trading with another player.

Even if two fossil Pokemon could theoretically breed, they would not be able to produce any viable offspring as their DNA is ancient and incomplete. Moreover, they are classified as genderless or unknown, and thus, they cannot breed with any Pokemon.

So, the only way to obtain and have a complete collection of fossil Pokemon is to obtain them through the revival process or get them by trading with other players who have already revived them.

What Happens When Fossil Pokemon Breed?

Unlike regular Pokemon, Fossil Pokemon cannot breed with each other or with any other Pokemon. This is due to their unique status as extinct species that are revived through scientific means.

While breeding Fossil Pokemon is not possible, players can still obtain them through various methods, such as completing puzzles or reviving them from fossils found in the games.

When Fossil Pokemon are revived, they will have specific gender ratios just like other Pokemon. However, since they cannot breed, their offspring cannot be obtained in the usual way.

Despite their inability to breed, Fossil Pokemon still remain popular among players due to their unique designs and powerful movesets. Whether obtained through revival or completing a puzzle, Fossil Pokemon are sure to be a valuable addition to any trainer’s team.

What are the Alternatives to Breeding Fossil Pokemon?

If breeding fossil Pokemon is not something you are interested in, there are a few other ways you can obtain these extinct creatures.

Fossil Restoration:

Fossil restoration is a popular method of obtaining fossil Pokemon that involves using special machines to regenerate fossils into living creatures. Once you’ve collected all the necessary fossil pieces for a particular Pokemon, you can take them to a restoration center where they will bring the the Pokemon back to life.


Trading is another way players can obtain fossil Pokemon. You may be able to find someone willing to trade a fossil Pokemon for another creature or an item. Then, you can have the one Pokemon that you own breed with the fossil Pokemon to obtain offspring.


From time to time, special events may occur where players can obtain fossil Pokemon as rewards. These events could be held by the game developers or even local events held in your area.

Pros Cons
– Fossil restoration guarantees a specific fossil Pokemon. – Fossil restoration can be quite expensive.
– Trading can get you the specific fossil Pokemon you want without having to breed. – Finding someone willing to trade can be difficult.
– Events can give you the opportunity to obtain fossil Pokemon for free. – Events are not always available and can be limited to certain regions.

Remember, breeding fossil Pokemon is not the only way to obtain them. Be creative and explore your options to catch them all!

Frequently Asked Question:

Can you actually breed fossil pokemon in the game?

Yes, you can breed fossil pokemon. However, you can only obtain the base form of the fossil pokemon through breeding as the evolved form cannot be bred.

Does breeding fossil pokemon affect their stats or abilities?

No, breeding fossil pokemon does not affect their stats or abilities in any way.

Can you breed different types of fossil pokemon together?

No, you cannot breed different types of fossil pokemon together as they are considered to be different species in the game.

What is the best way to obtain a specific fossil pokemon through breeding?

The best way to obtain a specific fossil pokemon through breeding is to use a pokemon with the ability “Suction Cups” or “Sticky Hold” when catching the fossil pokemon. These abilities increase the chances of obtaining an egg from the fossil pokemon.

Can you breed fossil pokemon with non-fossil pokemon?

Yes, you can breed fossil pokemon with non-fossil pokemon. However, the offspring will always be the non-fossil pokemon’s species and not the fossil pokemon’s species.

Are there any special conditions required to breed fossil pokemon?

No, there are no special conditions required to breed fossil pokemon. They can be bred just like any other pokemon.

Do different fossil pokemon have different breeding rates?

No, all fossil pokemon have the same breeding rate as any other pokemon of their egg group.

Can you breed genderless fossil pokemon?

Yes, you can breed genderless fossil pokemon. However, you need to breed them with a Ditto as they can only breed with it.

Can you breed shiny fossil pokemon?

Yes, you can breed shiny fossil pokemon just like any other pokemon. However, the chances of obtaining a shiny fossil pokemon are extremely low at 1 in 8,192.

Do fossil pokemon from different generations have different breeding mechanics?

No, fossil pokemon from different generations have the same breeding mechanics as any other pokemon from their respective generations.

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