Admin’s Favorites

Don’t know what to play? Here are a few suggestions, with descriptions, that we recommend to you to get you started on our website. is an online shooter where you will be playing against real players in an arena. You must find the green areas on the map and capture them before your opponents do. Click HERE to get started.

Space Company

Space Company is a single-player clicker game in which you collect materials to gain energy overall on different planets around the solar system and even outside of it. Click HERE to start your galactic adventure.

Tower Defense

Tower defense is a simplistic game where you buy towers to destroy enemies that go along the blue path. Towers can range from strong to weak and from expensive to cheap. Click HERE to build your tower empire. is a survival multiplayer Io game that takes place in a radioactive wasteland. Upgrade your character and build complex structures. Click HERE to survive the wasteland.


Astray is a single-player, simplistic, maze game made entirely from HTML code which proves what you can do with a simplistic code like HTML. Click HERE to start your maze adventures.