AC Valhalla: How to Successfully End a River Raid – The Ultimate Guide

Looking to wrap up your River Raids in AC Valhalla? Check out our guide on how to end them and maximize your rewards! Our step-by-step instructions will help you navigate the tricky waters and complete your mission with ease. Don’t miss out on valuable loot and upgrades – read our guide today!

Conquer the Waters in AC Valhalla: Your Ultimate Guide to Successfully Ending a River Raid

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla introduces River Raids, which is a new mode where players can raid rivers and take down enemy settlements. It’s a challenging and rewarding experience that requires careful planning and execution. To successfully end a River Raid, you need to have a well-equipped and organized crew, strategic knowledge of the area, and combat skills. In this Ultimate Guide, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know to succeed in your River Raid missions.

To start with, it’s essential to have the right gear and crew before embarking on a River Raid. You need to have a powerful crew who can help you in combat and provide you with additional resources. Having a mix of archers, melee combatants, and ranged attackers will help you deal with any situation that arises. Make sure to upgrade your weapons and armor as well for better defense and damage output.

Knowing the area you’re raiding is also important. River Raids have different locations with unique layouts and enemy placements. Scout the area beforehand to identify enemy strongholds, key resources, and the best routes to take. Stealth is also crucial in a River Raid as it can help you avoid triggering alarms and alerting enemies. A mix of stealth and brute force can make for a successful River Raid.

Combat is the heart of a River Raid, and mastering it can be the difference between success and failure. Use your crew to distract enemies and then take them out one by one. Dodging and parrying are crucial skills to avoid enemy attacks, and you can use abilities such as Predator Bow and Berserker’s Fury to deal massive damage. Don’t forget to collect resources and loot from defeated enemies to replenish your own resources and upgrade your gear.

With these tips and tricks, you can now embark on your River Raid with confidence, knowing that you have the knowledge and skills to succeed. So gear up, get organized, and take down those enemy settlements in AC Valhalla’s River Raids!

Understanding River Raids

River Raids are a new feature introduced in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s second DLC, “The Siege of Paris.” They involve leading a crew of Viking raiders on a series of raids along various rivers in France.

During a River Raid, players must navigate their longship along the river while raiding enemy camps and stealing valuable resources. These resources can then be used to upgrade the player’s settlement back in England.

Players must also be wary of enemy patrols and longships, which will attack the player’s longship if they come too close. Additionally, players need to ensure they have enough supplies and rations to keep their crew stamina up and ensure they can fight at full capacity.

Successful River Raids also involve proper planning and strategy. It’s important to scout out the target locations before attacking to determine the best route to take and the most efficient way to raid each camp.

Overall, River Raids are a fun and challenging addition to the game that adds a new level of gameplay and depth to the Viking experience.

Preparing for a River Raid

Gather Supplies

Before heading out on a river raid, it is crucial to gather enough supplies. These supplies include arrows, healing items, and rations that will be necessary for surviving on long voyages. Make sure to check the inventory beforehand and stock up on any missing items.

Upgrade Longship and Crew

Upgrading your longship and crew is also a crucial step in preparing for a river raid. Upgrading the longship will improve its durability and speed, while upgrading the crew will increase their strength and survivability. Make sure to visit the shipbuilder and barracks to upgrade both before setting sail.

Plan Your Route

It is also important to plan your route before starting the river raid. Identify the locations of enemy camps and raid targets on the map and create a strategic plan of attack. Knowing the layout of the river and the location of potential danger spots will also help avoid surprises and allow for a smoother raid experience.

Recruit Jomsvikings

You can recruit Jomsvikings to join you on your river raid. These are fierce warriors that will help in battle, and their unique abilities can provide an advantage in certain situations. Make sure to recruit the right Jomsvikings that complement your playstyle and needs.

Organize your Crew

Finally, make sure to organize your crew before setting sail. Assign crew members to their appropriate roles, such as navigation, lookout, or fighting, to ensure everyone knows their duties. This will not only improve efficiency but also increase the chances of success during the river raid.

Tips for a Successful Raid

  • Upgrade your Longship: Having a fully upgraded Longship can mean the difference between victory and defeat in a River Raid. Make sure to upgrade your hull, rudder, and cargo hold to improve your speed, maneuverability, and loot capacity.
  • Recruit a strong crew: Your crew is your most valuable asset during a raid. Recruit Vikings with high stats in health, melee, and ranged combat to increase your chances of success.
  • Use Raven Sight: Activating Raven Sight before a raid will allow you to scout the area and mark enemy locations. This can also help you avoid enemy traps and uncover hidden treasures.
  • Bring enough supplies: Make sure to bring enough rations, arrows, and other supplies before setting sail. Running out of supplies during a raid can be disastrous.
  • Coordinate your attacks: Communicate with your crew and plan your attacks carefully. Attacking from multiple angles can confuse the enemy and increase your chances of success.
  • Use your abilities: Eivor has a variety of abilities that can be used during a raid. Abilities such as the Dive of the Valkyries or the Berserker Trap can help turn the tide of battle.
  • Watch out for enemy traps: Keep an eye out for traps such as explosive barrels or tripwires. These can deal heavy damage to both you and your crew.
  • Collect all the loot: Make sure to loot all the chests and enemy bodies during a raid. This will provide you with resources and gear that can be used to upgrade your Longship and crew.

Combat Strategies

1. Plan your attack

Before initiating combat, make sure you have a plan in place. Scout the area for enemies, identify key targets, and map out your approach. It’s also important to have a clear understanding of your abilities and equipment to effectively execute your plan.

2. Use stealth to your advantage

Stealth is a powerful tool, especially in combat situations. Use it to eliminate enemies quietly, or to position yourself for a surprise attack. Sneak up on enemies from behind, or use cover to remain hidden while you take out targets.

3. Take advantage of enemy weaknesses

Each enemy type in AC Valhalla has unique strengths and weaknesses. Be sure to identify these weaknesses and exploit them for maximum effectiveness. For example, some enemies may be vulnerable to specific types of damage like fire or poison. Utilize your abilities and equipment to do maximum damage to these enemies.

4. Utilize your abilities and equipment

Speaking of abilities and equipment, make sure you are using them to their fullest potential. Experiment with different combinations to find what works best for your playstyle. Abilities like Rage of Helheim and Harpoon Impalement can be incredibly effective in combat situations.

5. Dodge and parry effectively

Dodging and parrying are essential skills in combat. Time your dodges correctly to avoid enemy attacks, or parry attacks to leave enemies open for a counter-attack. Remember, proper timing is key.

Maximizing Rewards

One of the main goals of River Raids in AC Valhalla is to gather resources and rewards. To maximize your rewards, there are a few things you can do:

  • Clear out all locations: Make sure you explore every location on the river that you raid. This includes military camps, monasteries, and other points of interest. By doing so, you can obtain valuable resources and loot.
  • Complete objectives: Each river raid has objectives that you can complete to earn rewards. These objectives include rescuing your crew members, capturing cargo, and killing leaders. Always make sure to complete as many objectives as possible to maximize your rewards.
  • Use Jomsvikings: Jomsvikings are powerful warrior companions that can help you during river raids. They can add an extra layer of protection and can also help you gather more resources and rewards. Make sure to recruit them before starting a river raid.
  • Upgrade your ship: Upgrading your longship can help you raid more efficiently and gather more resources. Make sure to invest in ship upgrades whenever possible.
  • Sell your loot: After completing a river raid, make sure to sell any unwanted loot to the merchant in Ravensthorpe. This will help you earn some extra silver that can be used to upgrade your equipment or purchase new items.

By following these tips, you can maximize your rewards during river raids in AC Valhalla. Remember to explore every location, complete objectives, recruit Jomsvikings, upgrade your ship, and sell your loot to the merchant. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Question:

What are river raids in AC Valhalla?

River raids are a new gameplay feature in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, where players can raid enemy bases by sailing along rivers with their longship and pillage resources.

How do I start a river raid?

To start a river raid, you need to build the River Raid Dock in your settlement and talk to Vagn, who can be found at the dock. He will give you a brief tutorial on how to raid and provide you with a map of the river raid locations.

What resources can I get from river raids?

You can get a variety of resources from river raids, such as raw materials, supplies, weapons, gear, and even new crew members for your ship.

How do I end a river raid in AC Valhalla?

To end a river raid, you need to return to your longship and talk to your raiding crew. They will ask you if you want to continue raiding or return to the settlement. Choose the return option to end the raid.

What happens if I die during a river raid?

If you die during a river raid, you will be respawned back at your longship and can continue raiding. However, you will lose any resources you have collected so far in the raid.

Can I repeat a river raid location?

Yes, you can repeat a river raid location as many times as you want to collect more resources and gear. However, the enemies in the location will be stronger in subsequent raids.

Can I raid with friends in AC Valhalla?

No, currently there is no multiplayer option for river raids in AC Valhalla. You can only raid solo.

What are the different difficulty levels in river raids?

There are three difficulty levels in river raids: Normal, Hard, and Berserker. Normal is the easiest level, while Berserker is the hardest level.

Can I upgrade my longship for river raids?

Yes, you can upgrade your longship in the shipyard at your settlement to increase its speed, health, and damage. You can also customize its appearance with different cosmetics.

Are there any achievements for completing river raids?

Yes, there are several achievements for completing different objectives in river raids, such as raiding all locations, collecting all resources, and killing all enemies.

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